Wildhorse Resort & Casino — Pendleton, OR⁠  |  9Wood Custom Ceilings

Featured Material: 9Wood – 2300 Continuous Linear⁠ 
Designer: TBE architects, St. Louis, Missouri⁠
Installer: Modern Drywall, Spokane, Washington⁠ ⁠

Wildhorse Resort & Casino expanded their facility, adding a new Family FunPlex which allows the whole family to enjoy bowling fun, arcade games, children’s entertainment, movies, and MORE! Throughout the expansion, Wildhorse Resort & Casino worked with TBE Architects out of St. Louis and R-S Products to bring this creative ceiling design to life. We feel there are many ways to accentuate a space by using the ceiling as a focal point and the Continuous Linear wood ceiling product offered just that. The Continuous Linear product provides the classic open-reveal appearance, creating a monolithic ceiling field. The layout is built around a 12″ module. These members are then installed randomly to create a continuous, random joint appearance. Lengths are random for solid wood or 8′ for veneers. Veneers with matching edge banding come in 4′ and 8′ lengths. This system is budget-friendly, quick to install, and stunning with its uninterrupted lines and reveals for acoustics.  

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