Cladding Support Systems

One Complete System for All Cladding Materials


Save time and labor costs with CL-Talon cleverly engineered “Smart-Track” support system that offers design flexibility and supporting for all exterior cladding materials with one single product selection.


Third-party tested – 91% thermal efficiency. Efficient thermal break achieved with polyamide clips. LEED Design Credits: Energy & Atmosphere + Materials & Resources, +

Easy to Install

CL-Talon works with all cladding materials & weights. It has the integrated install measurements, leveling, and minute adjusting capability so you know your project will get done quickly and proficiently.

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Are you considering working harder, not smarter? Cladding support systems made quick, safe, and easy to install. 

Thermal Efficiency

Reduce thermal bridging. CL- Talon can make your building more effient.


See how easy it is to actually install Cl-Talon’s cladding support systems. 

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